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Trying out new restaurants have always been a big deal to me, I think it's the idea to be there first. I treat work the same way and ...

Trying out new restaurants have always been a big deal to me, I think it's the idea to be there first. I treat work the same way and I think it's this that keeps me making new ideas and being there first.

Chinese Laundry had high expectations to live up to.
On my birthday (26th Oct) I went over to Chinese Laundry in Islington (which also happened to be their opening night for dinner), I was so drawn to it from the reviews. At the time, I was home-sick from my grandma's home cooked meals and was hoping that they were what I been searching for.

We arrived with no booking and told it's a 20 minutes... After a wait of 40 minutes instead, we, my bf, sister and mum headed in only to then be told that it is another hour for the food to be ready... Even the cold starters. With this and the hunger eating me within, we left.
Their service was struggling on their opening night, and I wasn't sure if it was going to get better.

The owner understanding as she is, learning from her mistakes took to twitter to invite diners affected by their opening night. She explained that her chef didn't turn up leaving her to be stranded and had to help in the kitchen. Still craving grandma's cooking, I took 2 friends and went again.

We sat, we drank, we ate.

We started with some of their classic cocktails, dirty laundry and bloody boom. A dirty laundry was peanuty, chilli burn, smooth and like drinking a twice on satay sauce whereas a bloody boom was a chinese twice on the classic bloody mary.

We ordered 6 dishes and for 3 people, this you think should have been enough. Disappointed with the portion side, we had to order 2 more dishes and 2 deserts. The quality is definitely there but the size wasn't unfortunately. For a 15 pounds main, I expected bigger not a small bowl even if the flavours are there. I don't know whether it is worth the price.

The food was delicious and it filled the craving but I wasn't sure if I would go again anytime soon, however I would recommend them to go to get that authentic northern Chinese cuisine. As someone who's Chinese, I can tell you that it came close to my grandma's cooking. Some dishes were even a modern twice on a Chinese classic.

Dishes we ordered:
Century egg and tofu (Delicious, you can also make your own easily here)
Sichuan motherwatering chicken (See photo above - spicy with that northern Chinese kick)
Crispy tofu (Deep fried tofu that you can buy on the street in Hong Kong)
Twice cooked chicken wings (Getting fried chicken wings right is a hard thing and they nailed it!)
Lamb skewers (Marinated well but they are just skewers at the end of the day and I would have liked it if it wasn't as raw. I'm all for a red steak but this was too raw.)
From the mains - Pork belly, chicken and lamb (The portions were the size of the starters which were disappointing)
2 deserts (Both okay)

The owner offered our meal for free to us and to pay for our drinks, if this wasn't so expect a meal for 2 with 2 cocktails to be around £46 each.

It's still early days for them and there are still room for improvement. The service can be said to be slow and chaotic due to the lack of training and there being so many of them too. The food are northern China's classics and for anyone missing that nostalgic Chinese cuisine in their life and the cocktails are a must if you visit. Portions are a little small and it's for the small appetite.
I might not go again anytime soon but I would recommend it.

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